Today sun screen is a essential project element, synthesis of functionality and design : indeed with her utilization is possible dress buildings ensuring air and light permeability. Not only an aesthetic effect but a useful solution, economic and easy to be fastened, to obtain a consistent energetic saving.

The benefit derived from WBT Arch panels installation are many: solar control and shadings, thermal comfort and strong resistance to atmospheric agents. Range versatility allow to WBT Arch products to be harmoniously integrated together with building, is that a new construction or renovation.

Design minimal and modern, WBT Arch products are the right choosing to realize sun screening with dynamic functionalities, but with a elegant aesthetic effect. Top performances about efficiency are emphasized by flexibility and lightness, moreover stainless steel sun screening resolved any problem of building second skins.

WBT Arch metal mesh are stainless and unalterable to UV ray and maintenance are not necessary! Are so the better solutions to dress any building.

Sun Screen
Metal Mesh Sun Screen

Our products

From 2019 WBT Arch following Architectural and Design market with own collection.

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